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Exterior Car Hand Wash

Exterior Hand Wash

Exterior hand washing and drying is a crucial maintenance task that helps to keep your vehicle clean and protected from dirt, grime, and other harmful elements. Typically, this service involves using high-quality car washing products and tools to remove dirt, dust, and other debris from the exterior surfaces of your vehicle, including the tires, wheels, windows, and body.

Once the vehicle has been washed, it is then dried to prevent water spots or damage to the paint. This can be done using specialized microfiber towels and techniques like air drying or blow drying. Finally, a dressing is applied to protect your vehicle’s paint and restore its shine. These dressings specifically designed to safeguard your vehicle against environmental damage, UV rays, and other harmful exposure.

Hand Car Washes in Eugene, Oregon, by Extreme Clean Auto Detailing

Extreme Clean Auto Detailing introduces a similar finesse to car care with its premium hand car wash services in the picturesque landscapes of Eugene, Oregon, where every sight is a testament to nature’s meticulous attention to detail.

Why Extreme Clean’s Hand Car Wash Stands Out in Eugene:

  1. Personal Touch: Our hand car washes offer a human touch, unlike automated systems. Our experts ensure every curve, edge, and corner of your vehicle gets precise attention, eliminating dirt and grime from the most hidden nooks.
  2. Customized Care: Every vehicle and its exposure to the elements is different. Our trained technicians assess each vehicle individually, tailoring their cleaning techniques to cater to its specific needs.
  3. Eco-Conscious Methods: Respecting Eugene’s rich environment, our hand car wash utilizes eco-friendly soaps and minimal water. This approach ensures a guilt-free shine every time you choose our services.
  4. Scratch-Free Guarantee: The delicate hand movements combined with plush washing mitts and soft brushes ensure that your car’s paint remains unharmed, free from potential scratches that machines might cause.
  5. In-depth Interior Cleaning: Our hand wash package can also encompass a thorough interior cleanup beyond the exterior beauty. From dusting the dashboard to vacuuming seats, we make the inside of your vehicle as inviting as the outside.
  6. Dedicated Professionals: At Extreme Clean, our strength lies in our passionate team. Committed to perfection, they treat every car as their own, ensuring that each vehicle gleams under the Oregon sun once they’re done.

Eugene’s discerning car owners understand the value of detail, craftsmanship, and passion. Extreme Clean Auto Detailing’s hand car wash service is a tribute to these values, providing an unparalleled blend of thorough cleaning and meticulous care.

Seeking a hand car wash that’s a class apart? Experience the exceptional touch of Extreme Clean Auto Detailing in Eugene, Oregon. Let your car bask in the luxury of personalized care and step out on the streets with unmatched brilliance!

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I've been going to Extreme Clean to get my car fully detailed for years now, and they go above and beyond every time. Even my new 2021 Subaru Crosstrek looks brand new again after their work - despite lots of pet hair and mud from my dog who loves to swim and camping trip debris - and the owner Mike was even kind enough to drop off my keys since my car is fancy and wouldn't lock with the keys inside. They always move my stuff if I accidentally leave things in the car, have shown up early to work around my work schedule, and always give me a free ride to work after I drop it off to save me the Uber costs. I love these guys and will be a client for life. Thank you so much Mike and team! Highly recommend!!
- Erin Ward
Such an outstanding job done on our car. Looks like it came right out of the show room. The technicians were very professional and friendly. What I noticed the most was the attention to detail. A lot of hard work was put into the cleaning and polishing. I highly recommend this Extreme Clean. Excellent job. Thank you to the EXTREME CLEAN CREW for showing such passion for what they do!!!
- Mike Harris
Better than expected. I read the reviews before going so I felt comfortable leaving my car. I'm suuuuper picky when it comes to cleaning her so I wasn't expecting perfection, but I was pleasantly surprised. Everything was sparkling, the engine bay looked fantastic, the carpets looked brand new, even the smallest details like the plastic seatbelt parts. It even smelled new. I definitely recommend and will be back. The wax itself was worth it because the idea of waxing my car is ranked right up there with getting my finger nails pulled out. On a side note, there a a minor snafu that was remedied quickly and professionally. I appreciate the extra mile they took making sure I was satisfied.
- Shanna Kenney
These guys saved my behind. Big-time. I was driving my son's brand new car with only 5000 miles on it. I had bags of groceries and such in the backseat. To protect the seats I always have a towel down when I'm putting bags down on it.I got to my destination and picked up the back to see a 1ft×6in bleach spot on the towel. I ripped towel off and the Black cloth seat was wet with bleach cleaner. I called them to see if they were still open, they were only going to be open another 20 minutes, and I was 18 minutes away. I told him the issue and assured him how desperate I was for help. They waited for me to show up, they immediately started cleaning the seats. They went over it again and again with a high-powered hot water detergent and suctioned it til we no longer smelled the bleach. I asked him what I owed him and he said don't worry about it he could sense the desperation and urgency in my voice on the phone. I'm sure they're definitely not into giving away free services but his generosity was heartfelt. While I was only there for 25-30 minutes I watched their process and can say that they are thorough and professional. When it comes time for a detailing this is where I'm headed. 100% recommend. I was in tears when I arrived I couldn't stop smiling when I left. Update...it's been a few weeks and the seats are as black as they were when he bought it.
- Sally Blankenship
I’ve taken 3 vehicles here at different times over the last few years and every time car comes back like new! Like new! These guys are legit. The owner is awesome. The employees are professional. I have nothing but nice things to say about this place. Top notch service.
- Al Hernandez